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The Nashville Piano Room is a feature of Fretter’s Piano Service.

FPS originated in 1984 by Rick Fretter following a 10-year career in musical performance. Since we began, we have dealt in nearly every aspect of piano service including tuning, repair, refinishing, rebuilding, moving, storage, and sales.

The Nashville Piano Room is a different approach to piano sales in that we specialize in the used piano market and endeavor to offer affordable pianos to everyone who wants to play music. The mission here is to offer basic functional pianos, affordably priced for the beginning student or the casual player.

It is becoming more and more difficult to justify the prices of many of the new pianos that are offered in the retail stores today. There are truly thousands of used pianos that are still quite viable and can provide good musical service, often requiring just a good tuning and/or minor repairs.

For people considering a used piano, picking out of the list available in the newspaper can be a frustrating process. People are many times put off by a few sticking keys or other minor problems that could be solved for a small price. They often are moved into thinking they must spend hundreds or perhaps even thousands more to get a useful instrument.

We can show you that is not the case. Experienced technicians can bring affordable new life to experienced pianos.