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Basic Listing Option

 "E-consignment" of a piano can be either of three ways. Using the "Basic Listing Option", you are choosing to handle conversations with potential buyers, concerning your piano-sale on your own. With this option we would put your chosen contact information on the web site with the pictures of the piano, & pricing info. Interested clients would then contact you directly about your instrument.

To use the "Basic Listing Option", simply e-mail several pictures of your piano to: To use the web-site for 90 days send a check for $50 to:     

Fretter's Piano Svc.
1448 McAlpine Ave.
Nashville Tn. 37216

Endorsed Piano Option

 The second way to "E-consign" is the "Endorsed Piano Option". With this option you should arrange to have us tune, inspect, and appraise the piano. (Generally $90+tax in Davidson County). This allows us to assure interested clients as to the condition and musical-value of the instrument. Interested buyers would contact Fretter's Piano Svc. by phone or e-mail and we would bring or send them to see your piano. This helps us to match a piano for the wants & needs of a buyer in a practical way, plus present some idea already as to its integrity and worth.

With this approach to your eventual sale, as your agent FPS would charge commission of 10% upon the sale for pianos appraised and sold for $1000 and above.

Pianos sold at under $1000 are 5% of the sale unless you obtain the piano-moving services of Fretter's Piano Svc. for delivery to the new buyer in which case there is no fee.

Storage & Sale Option  

Many times people that are moving to a new location wish to sell their piano rather than take it along.  To often the "move-day" arrives before the "piano-sale-day". For customers in these situations we offer the "Storage & Sale Option" for those pianos that appraise for $2000 or more.

To use this approach for selling an instrument, you should arrange for an Endorsement and appraisal of the piano. After we agree on a reasonable sale price, we will offer our piano moving services for transportation to our storage facility.

Moving is quoted separately as to the type of piano, distance, and difficulty of the move.

Storage of pianos starts at $50 for uprights & grands 6'& under. Grands 6'1" to 7'4" are $65 per month. Grands larger than 7'4" are $80 per month.

Grand pianos will generally require set-up services, for viewing by clients, which will be added to the cost of the eventual sale.

Sales commission for pianos stored less than 6 months is 15%, after which it will be considered as 10%.

Piano storage charges are to be paid in advance on a quarterly basis. Pianos having unpaid storage charges after 6 months are to be considered property of Fretter's Piano Svc./a.k.a  The Nashville Piano Room.