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Piano Moving

Piano moving services are available for your local and long distance needs. Moving is quoted separately as to the type of piano, distance, and difficulty of the move.

For pricing of a move, it is helpful if you know the make and model of the piano. If you are uncertain of this information, try to determine the height measurement of an upright, or the length of a grand. This helps determine the difficulty of the move.

Another factor in determining difficulty is whether or not we can transport the piano on concrete surfaces as opposed to grass when coming out of the building.

The number of steps involved is always under consideration when we do a move, so try to have a count of the number of steps at each point of the move.

Our best advantage to pick-up and deliver your piano is if we can back-up the truck directly in front of the door and possibly put a ramp onto the porch or steps. A steep hill or landscaping in the yard may be an obstacle for this. Sprinklers and septic tanks are also a consideration.

Generally there is no damage to your yard from driving on it with a truck. It is always a question of how recently it rained and how hard your ground is. Some worry a little too much on this issue as we have driven on hundreds of lawns without consequence. A good rain and a lawn cutting solves any record of us being there, so take an aspirin and let us drive on the grass. This simplifies and adds safety to the move.

Of course distance is a cost factor with the price of gas what it is. We generally have some idea of distance, but it is often helpful if you can tell us or have the zip code of both the pick-up & delivery locations.

You may want to consider we may need to pick-up and/or deliver other pianos while transporting yours to the destination. This saves time and gas and money for all of us.

A phone conversation helps get all the information discussed and questions settled. Call 615-227-3062.

Tuning your piano when we deliver it

Although it is sometimes not practical we suggest tuning the piano when we deliver it. This saves time and appointments, and money, as we will do it for about half of what you would pay for a separate tuning appointment.

It is occasionally necessary to allow a piano to acclimate to its new location if it is truly going through a significant change in temperature and humidity in the course of the move. For example several days in a truck in hot or cold weather would possibly make this the case. This is not always set in stone however. Acclimation is only an important factor for pianos that are already close to being in tune.

Often a piano that we tune has been left unattended for a number of years and requires more than one tuning to get the best possible result. Especially in this situation it is quite reasonable to pitch-raise the piano and allow it to do a little settling from this and acclimate a bit at the same time after which, a follow-up tuning can be done. This saves a trip for the piano tuner and you some money.
An in-town move seldom changes the temperature and humidity of the instrument enough to have a concern over acclimating.

Generally the amount that the piano is affected by acclimation is not discernable to most players. If they always kept the piano tuned and had a really good ear, there is a slight chance that they would notice a climate change in a piano.

When in doubt, TUNE YOUR PIANO. It will sound a lot better and you’ll enjoy it more.

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