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The question often comes up, “How often should we have the piano tuned?” The answer is really as simple as, “As often as you want it in tune.”

People seem to have no problem tuning their guitar every time they play it, accepting this as normal while at the same time, after several years, wonder if it is time to tune the piano yet.

Many performance pianos are tuned perhaps monthly or more often than that even.

The less casual pianist at home usually can do alright with tuning once a year however, when they air-conditioning goes off and the heat comes on, the piano goes through some significant upheaval. As well the reverse is true so you will have the most consistent result by correcting the tuning on your piano after the two major seasonal changes. If you wait until December and then until June you can beat the worst of your tuning issues due to seasonal change.

Tuning costs vary a little depending on distance and how long it has been since the piano was last tuned
Repair of various mechanical problems are considered generally not part of the tuning process and therefore are billed over and above the cost of the tuning service call.

Older pianos are of course more apt to require repair though a lot of these are just reasonable wear & tear like replacing the brakes or tires on your car. We expect to spend some money for up-keep on our cars and the same is true for the piano. With a little maintenance it will serve you well.

If the instrument has loose tuning pins, sometimes we can address the problem some by tapping them into the piano a little farther which may add to their tightness.

Occasionally an older piano needs to be left tuned at a lower pitch than standard A-440. Although this is not acceptable to most professional musicians it is quite often not an issue for the more casual pianist. As long as the piano will tune to itself with some stability, this is all that is needed to start out a beginning student or the more seasoned player who can enjoy it just fine despite the problem at hand.

We can meet your need whatever the issue, so give us a call at 615-227-3062 or e-mail, and let’s get tuned-up.

If you live out of Nashville, ask some friends and neighbors if they are ready for a tuning and let’s get several pianos tuned in your area that day. We’ll do our best to provide you service and make the price work for everyone.



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